The Complete Guide to AWS HIPAA Hosting

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A growing number of businesses and individuals, everyone from health care providers to IT professionals, are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) HIPAA compliant services to protect their clients’ information in accordance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

While Amazon has put out a complete guide to the process in the form of a white paper for the general public, the small book still contains so much information that startup founders and decision makers can still find themselves confused even about core issues.

Before you hire a software developer to create a platform for you, we wanted to provide you with a simple, but complete, guide to AWS HIPAA hosting so that you know the basics of the process.

How Can AWS Help with HIPAA Hosting?

Using AWS to host your data is a smart move for all but those with an extremely large budget and timeframe that need to build their own in-house platform.

AWS provides you with an already-built and extremely flexible architecture in which to store your data, much like how you would use a rental facility to store items instead of constructing a brand new building for the purpose.

With tons of different Apps that expand your options and capabilities, AWS is undoubtedly the best solution for 99 percent of businesses out there that need to be HIPAA compliant with their data.

Getting Started with AWS HIPAA Hosting

One of the most attractive things about using AWS is that it is highly scalable and can support businesses of almost all sizes and classes. The Amazon Quick Start Guide allows for the simple and relatively fast design of HIPAA compliant architecture maps that are created specifically to fulfill the legal needs of the act in terms of protecting privacy. Here are some of the top features:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): This feature allows for custom IAM policies within associated groups, roles, and instance profiles.
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC): External facing architecture with separate subnets. This feature allows for different application tiers and private subnets for both applications and databases.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3): Store encrypted web content and backup data in “buckets” that only you can access.
  • Multiple Alerts: AWS gives you multiple warnings and alerts and logs all activity through tools like AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Config.

The Quick Start guide is designed with software developers in mind so that mapping out a plan for your complete HIPAA compliant hosting can be completed in as little time as possible.

The completed cloud architecture will give you the backbone on which to then build your completely secure hosting platform. Once up, a professional software developer can begin to add your data.

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AWS HIPAA Hosting: Options and Flexibility

When using AWS for HIPAA compliant hosting it is also important that the platform is not just scalable in terms of size but that the design includes the specific features and options that best serve you and your company.

The flexibility and choices that AWS offers are numerous and can be added on like components to give you a unique and secure way of storing all your data that has been tailor-made just for you.

One of the benefits of AWS is that it allows you to build HIPAA compliant applications any time you need them, from hosted internal applications to SaaS offerings.

A wide variety of internal applications, everything from Amazon Aurora, which allows you to encrypt databases with keys that customers themselves manage, to AWS Shield, which provides an always-on detection that safeguards any applications running on AWS, make sure that your data stays safe and secure.

How Much Will HIPAA Hosting With AWS Cost?

HIPAA compliant infrastructure on AWS will cost you about $200 a month (assuming two environments). It is important to note that like any utility bill, this cost can increase or decrease over time depending on usage.

Most likely, it will increase as your healthcare application gains more traction and your usage of the platform grows alongside the growth of your business. For combined service of infrastructure and operations, AWS will cost around $1,500 per month health care providers. This price is also dependent on the usage and will change as your company expands.

AWS HIPAA Hosting: The Importance of a Professional Provider

The truth is that although AWS takes much of the work out of hosting data in a HIPAA compliant way, it is still a juggernaut that is much easier managed by a professional.

It’s not just about hosting your solution on AWS HIPAA compliant server, but also making sure the instances are managed well and that your application is HIPAA compliant as well. A professional HIPAA hosting company will implement all the components you need and get you a streamlined and efficient platform that guarantees security and safety.

When it comes to safeguarding your customers’ data and personal information, there really is no room to play around with amateurs. Contact a professional healthcare software development company to get started with AWS hosting that is HIPAA compliant so that you can feel confident your data is secure and well managed.

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